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League's Latest Publications

President Carol Whitesell is snowed under with Land Use Commission and LWV work this month. Rather than her usual memo, she suggests we read some of League's latest publications. Order forms are available from your unit chairman or Dee Lum.

  1. Current Focus - Municipal Sludge: What shall we do with it? Discusses disposal alternatives and utilization alternatives Pub. #627 50¢

  2. Current Focus - Land Application of Wastewater: A new look at an old idea. Provides a guide to elected officials, planners and concerned citizens to this alternative or addition to conventional water treatment systems. Pub, #378 50¢

  3. Current Focus: congress and the Budget: From Chaos to Control. Explains the changes in the budget-making process, traces the problems that led to the act's passage and suggests future prospects. Pub. #358 40¢

  4. HP Exchange - What it means to be Unemployed Shares ideas between Leagues and provides information helpful with Human Resources issues. Pub. #412 30¢

  5. Update on Section 208 An Education Fund publication which updates water pollution controls. Pub, #413 15¢

  6. Update on Air. Controlling hazardous pollutants in the air, Pub. #385 15¢ each or 25¢/$1.00

  7. ERA Booklet - In Pursuit of Equal Rights: Women in the Seventies. A handy reference for general information and present status of women Pub. #321 $1.50

  8. Membership Management - replaces How to Get and Keep Members Step by step strategy planning, aids to membership recruitment and involvement. Pub. #495 $1.50

  9. The Federalist Papers Reexamined - Past as Prologue: Present Perspectives. First of six pamphlets designed to stimulate thinking on contemporary constitutional issues. Pub. #622 $1.00

  10. League Action Service subscriptions can be sent directly to National by February 15th. Available to members and general public and other organizations. It provides Report from the Hill and Action Alert through the Congressional year. Send $7.50 to: LWVUS 1730 M Street 10th floor Washington, DX, 20036 Att'n Publication sales

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