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LWV of Honolulu -- Proposed Budget -- 1977-78

The proposed budget for 1977-78 is, regretably, a modest one. There are no new programs; We're simply holding our own. And unless;, or until, we find a major new source of funding, our budget-making is reduced to juggling figures. Mindful of this uncertaintly, the budget reflects the following priorities:

  1. Maintenance of League visibility through adequate funding for office;

  2. Accrual of funds in order to send a delegate to the '78 National Convention

  3. Emphasis on three of League: public relations, finance, and membership.

  4. Funding for at least one (1) national publication for members, and year-round publication samples for contributors, and Congressional delegation.

  5. Availability of funds for program committees, including duplicating costs. .

The budget that follows is a plan for using money.

Submitted by joint budget committee: Barbara Farwell, chairman

Betty Anderson Laura Goo Jane Crane

Grace Bowers Carol Whitesell Craig Whitesell

Beverly Endrizal Pat Shutt Adeline Schutz

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