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Leaguers in Action

Carol Fanning has been elected president of the Hawaii Women's Political Caucus. Congratulations!!

Thanks to all of you who participated in legislative interviews, and especially to Jerry Hess who put forth herculean effort in coordinating this effort.

Muriel Roberts is legislative coordinator for the State League. The League is directing the lobbying effort for the Citizens for CON-CON Coalition. Muriel also keeps Honolulu League abreast of what's happening at City Hall and the Council of Presidents. She's EVerywhere!!!!

Many thanks to Ruth Snyder and her efficient team of 6, who completed the Teamsters Local 68.1 vote count in less them 3 hours on Feb. 2.

Parking at the League Office

The parking space closest to the mauka stairs is set aside for use of League members. All other spaces are assigned to other tenants of the building. If our space is filled, please park OUTSIDE.

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