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From the President

My head is whirling with all the things that have been happening. Here are a few....

Get ready; Get set: The appearance in this Voter of the proposed budget for 1977-78 is a sign that annual meeting time will soon be here. Save the date,Thursday, April 28, at the Princess Kaiulani. Meanwhile, the enclosed budget may not be. thrilling 'reeding, but give it a try. The Budget Committee has included explanatory comments to help you understand what the figures mean. Recommended program, the proposed slate of officers and directors, and other details will appear in the April Voter.

Membership and Organization Pow-Wow: At the end of Februaury,Big Chief Pat Shutt and Chief Jerry Hess held council with local League chiefs and other interested League warriors to discuss membership and organization. Chiefs Shutt and Hess shared ideas garnered at the National

sponsored membership management Workshop they had attended in Tempe, Arizona early in February. We're making plans to strengthen the Tribe.

Neighborhood Board Election Methods: Should the City Clerk's Office administer Neighborhood board elections in conjunction with the general election? This was the proposal discussed at a Neighborhood Commission hearing on January 31. Jerry Hess, our League expert on election procedures helped me prepare the League's testimony.

Our major concern is that if neighborhood board elections are run by the City Clerk,it may be impossible to retain the openness and flexibility which are now a part of the neighborhood plan concept. A member of the Clerk's staff,who was present at the hearing, confirmed that elections would have to meet the same standards as other elections conducted by the clerk-including registration reguirement, conformance to the federal Voting Rights Act, and perhaps a redrawing of subdistricts to conform to precinct lines. It is not clear if there conditions would apply if elections were held on a special Neighborhood Board Election Day-not at the time of the General Election,which the League favors.

Auwe! How can the public be expected to know the difference between State and county function and powers, when our legislators mix them up? I am concerned about attempts by the Legislature to legislate in areas of county responsibility. For example, this session bills have been intoduced giving new powers to neighborhood boards(strictly a Honolulu affair); forbiding any county to provide for transfer of development rights; and, directing the affairs of C&C of Honolulu to hold a plebiscite on the fixed guideway. Legislators have plant to dc in the arena of State governmental responsibilities; they should stay out of the counties' backyards.


What next in Waikane Valley? Some of you have asked me when the Land Use Commission will make its decision on Joe Pao's petition for urban reclassification. No date has been set for action, but it can be sooner tahn 45 days after the close of the hearing (i.e. end of March).

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