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Discussion Questions on Initiative and Referendum

A. Mechanics of the process

  1. Who should be allowed to circulate petitions?

  2. What should be the qualifications of those who sign and I or petition?

  3. What should be the required percentage of signatures to qualify an I or R to be placed on the ballot?

  4. Should signatures be from a majority of the counties, from a set percentage from each county, at large, or otherwise? '

  5. Who (or what agency) should be responsible for

    (a) counting petitions

    (b) determining fraud? If fraud is shown, what should be the course of action?

  6. Who should review the language of initiatives?

  7. Who should be responsible for giving the public information pro and con?

  8. How much ofthe I and R detail should be in the constitution and how much in statutes?

  9. Should initiative measures, constitutional amendments and referenda be voted' on at _

    (a) special elections

    (b) primary elections, and/or

    (c) general elections?

B. After the Election

  1. Should the legislature have power to repeal or amend I and R measures?

  2. Should there be any time limit on when a defeated I and R measure may be' reintroduced?

  3. Should the governor have the power of veto over I and R measures?

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