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Honolulu Program 1977-1978

Our national League has expressed a commitment to stress the interrelationships among the items of national League program and among the levels (national, state and local) of total League program.

To attempt to put program into catagories sometimes is counterproductive. We do it for convenience. Like national, the program items of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu are interrelated. An awareness of the relationships should make leaguers better able to understand the work of our local League. Where one issue begins another overlaps or ends. It should be clear to all of us that the links among Diamond Head, city planning, transportation, local government and city charter make all these items parts of the same whole.

The following statement of our local League goals for 1977 - 1978 is presented to the membership for consideration and comment. It is recommended that this program statement be adopted at Annual Meeting. 1977.

Diamond Head Drop the specific position statement adopted in 1973. Promote action on Diamond Head and other special areas within the broader objectives expressed in our Planning position.

Planning Promote member and public understanding of the planning process.
Promote city planning which includes consideration of overall development objectives with zoning controls implemented to uphold the development's plans.
Encourage citizen input in the planning process.

Transportation Promote understanding of Oahu transportation needs and problems among members and the public. Continue to evaluate city transportation plans and actions with emphasis on a balanced system to meet public needs, understanding of its use as a land use and planning tool, and funding that permits transportation to function as a public service.

Local government

Charter Promote an open city government that is accountable and responsive to citizens under the city charter.
Task Force The purpose of this task force is to produce recommendations for future League activity, and reexamine our city charter with emphasis on the structure of our city government and the intent of the policies and mechanisms laid out in the charter.
Membership should be updated on any information developed by the task force. Recommendations for future League program should be made no later than January 1978.

Our current positions on planning and charter are being evaluated and edited. The revised form will be presented to the Annual Meeting for discussion and acceptance.

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