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Annual Meeting
From the President (Carol Whitesell)
April Honolulu LWV Calendar
Leaguers in Action
Election Help Needed
Latest on the Debates
National Action Priorities
Nominating Committee Report
Voters Service Report (Helen Griffin)
Forums - Watch Your Newspaper
Discussion Questions on Initiative and Referendum
Honolulu Program 1977-1978
Aloha to these New Members
Initiative & Referendum (Facts and Issues attachment)

Nominating Committee Report

President Helen Griffin

First Vice President Barbara Farwell

Secretary Jane Ball

Directors - two year terms Eulalie Kirby, Jane Crane, Gloria Furubayashi, Fran Burgess

Director --one year term , Jean Ko

Nominating Committee for 1978 Carol Whitesell Myrne Blomquist Muriel Roberts

Submitted by: Beery Anderson, Anna Hoover, Terry Jaskot, Nancy Guille, Mildred Walston, Wendie Wong, Craig Whitesell, Jerry Hess, Fay Solner (Joint committee for Honolulu and State).

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