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From the President

In a few weeks I'll be turning over my gavel and this page to the incoming president. The past two years have been the busiest and most stimulating of my life, as I juggled League and Land Use Commission responsibilities. Although I'm looking forward to a change in pace, I doubt that I'll be able to stay away from League. There are too many exciting prospects and opportunities in the wind for the LWV in Honolulu and in Hawaii.

Happiness for a League president is having someone say YES. I'd like to thank all of you who have been willing to help in small ways and large. You've raised my spirits many times, in addition to getting things done.


On March 2, the LWV of Honolulu testified before the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee, on SB 198, making an Appropriation to Assist Neighborhood Boards in Participating in the Community Planning Process. The bill would provide funds for neighborhood boards to hire planners and research staff. Representatives of eight boerds supported the bill,because they need money. The League opposed the bill on these grounds:

  1. It violates the principle of county home rule. Neighborhood boards are the concern of the City/County of Honolulu, and matters affecting them should be decided at the City level. We suggested the Legislature focus its attention on State planning efforts, such as CZM and the State Plan.

  2. Although the League agrees the neighborhood boards have a role to play in the planning process, we don't believe it is their function to develop plans themselves. This is the responsibility of the Dept. of General Planning. It would be a duplication of effort, poor use of public money, and would cause further fragmentation of planning responsibility to provide a separate staff of planners under the auspices of the neighborhood boards.

Carol Whitesell

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