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Unit Meeting Schedule for May
Initiative and Referendum Consensus Questions:
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Aloha to these New Members
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Voters Service Report (Helen Griffin)
Amendment to Rules for Election of Neighborhood Boards (Carol Whitesell)
Confessions of a Program Committee Addict (Karla Williams)

Aloha to these New Members

Ms. Lyndel Ruth Backman 1409 Uila Street Honolulu, Hi 96818 Phone: 422-8643 (Res.) 948-8705 (bus.)

Ms. Teri Hatch 702 Kalanipuu St. Honolulu, Ai 96825 Phone: 395-5409

Lila Grossman 6770 Hawaii Kai Dr. Honolulu Hi 96825 Phone: 395-2266

Trudy Zelko 927 Prospect St. Apt.1001 Honolulu, Hi 96822 Phone: 5244768

Mrs. Joyce L. Esposito, 1970 Mott-Smith Dr. Honolulu, Hi, 96822

Ms. Sue Haushalter 6370 Hawaii Kai Dr. #42 Honolulu, Hi. 96825 Phones 377-6512

Helen Popper 663 Ahukini P1 Honolulu, Hi 96825 Phone: 395-9918

Ms. Nancy W. Edwards 1633 Kalaniuka Way Honolulu, Hi 96821

Miss Rosemary Hayes 2170 Kuhio Ave.i #405 Honolulu, HI 96815 Monet 923-5678

Arvid Youngquist 1315 Heulu St. #204-A Honolulu, Hi 96822_ Phone: 537.63831

Change of Address

Mrs. Robert Dunwell 1818 23 Avenue Court Greeley, Co. 80631


Brantz - Buckley

****In Memoriam *****

Sympathy is extended to the family of Sue-Mar Dawson, a league member who died March 20th.

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