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Voters Service Report


  1. The League testified before the Neighborhood. Commission objecting

    to an amendment to the NB election rules which would exclude all employees or officials of the city, state, or federal governments from running for NBs. The point we made was that the amendment was too restrictive and violates the concept of NBs as a vehicle for effective citizen participation in City government. We noted that NBs are more community organizations rather than integral parts of the city government and their value lies in their separation from government bureaucracy. _

    13 NBs, the Council of Presidents, 2 members of the Charter Comm. and several individuals testified against the amendment. One individual testified for the amendment.

    The NC has not yet made a decision to our knowledge.

  2. The May 7 election of 8 NBs is expected to 'be indicative of cam--

    munity interest in NBs. The Nov. 2 election turn-out was fantastic and the NC is wondering how this Will compare. The League will officiate and tally. We've had very little trouble getting volunteers. It's great to have so much cooperation.

  3. Ms Glaser from Kapiolani Com. College called requesting a speaker for a class of 30 19-20 year olds on how and why youth should be involved in or informed about government and politics. I've volunteered to speak to them on May 2 using a format similar to that used with the Explorer Scouts.

  4. Neighborhood Commissions will have a training session for FE elections on April 27. 1e will ask the CEOs to evaluate the sessions effectiveness after May 7 elections.

CMOs are: Peggy Buchwach Hawaii Kai, Kuliouou-Kalani Iki Manoa NB Alyce Dahlgren - Koolauloa NB - Barbara. Jacobson -Kahaluu NB Betty Kernahan - Kalihi-Palama NB and Liliha-Kapalama NB Ruth Snyder - Waianae NB

Tallyers: Fran Burgess, Carol Whitesell, Myrne Blomquist, Laura Goo, Helen Griffin, Mabel Keesling, Melvia Kawashima, Martha Lister, Helen Frederick, Fran Seasholes and Dorothy Murdock.

Helen Griffin

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