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From the President (Helen Griffin)
Leaguers at the IWY Conference
Barbara Farwell -- On Her U.N. Project
Bon Voyage!
Busy Summer for Leaguers
Energy Education
Task Force
You and Your Neighborhood Board
CZM (Coastal Zone Management) Passes
Note on Waikane
Honolulu League
Calendar 1977-78
Aloha to these New Members

Aloha to these New Members

Irene Karkosza 710 Kalanipu Honolulu, 96825

Elsie Choy 469 Ena Road Honolulu, 96015

Jean Aoki 1212 Punahou #2203 Honolulu, 96814

Patricia Mason 487 Halemaumau St. Honolulu, 96816

Barbara Dykes 46-0107 Lilipuna Road Kaneohe, 96744

Alan Kimball 1556 Piikoi t1504 Honolulu, 96814

Gerre Fogelberg 45-710 Keaahala Road Kaneohe, 96744

Jane Davis 3277-D Pacific Heights Rd. Honolulu, 96613

Hark Davis 745 Fort Street Suite #1800 Honolulu, 96813

Stephanie Suganuma 454 Opihikao Place Honolulu, 96825

Lyndi Baker 4523 Kolohala St. Honolulu, 96016

Betty Jones 1710 Punahou #503 Honolulu, 96822

Don Burns 1310-A Mokulua Drive Kailua, 96734

Ms. Lily Neogy 3653 Woodlawn Terrace Place Honolulu, 9(;322

Mr. Berkeley Fuller 1114 Wilder Ave., PH 02 Honolulu, 96822

Mrs. Jennifer Eckert Myrtle Street Honolulu, 96316

Dorothy Pellegrin 1650 Ala Moana Blvd., 0709 Honolulu, 96015

A special welcome to Senator Spark P. Matsunaga who re-joined us after dropping for almost a year.

Notice to all members!!

PLEASE send us (to the office) your
forwarding address as soon as you know what
it will be so that we do not have to pay 25 cents
for sending the Voter to a defunct address


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