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Barbara Farwell -- On Her U.N. Project

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those Members who participated in the special U.N. project.

Helen Griffin, Fran Burgess, Frances Dohme, Astrid Monson, Olive Nelson, Kawashime, Jane Crane, Nancy Lezak, Marilyn Pollack, and Bertha Kon all coped with non-working telephones and 'exchanges to complete the phone survey.

Winifred Philips helped, reach participants for our discussion groups and acted as observer for one group. Edna Shoup was also an observer, and she and Caroline Ingersoll arranged meeting places for the groups. Laura Goo and Adeline Schutz helped find group participants. And Pat Shutt—well, her suggestions and encouragement helped me keep my sanity through several crises.


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