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Calendar 1977-78

Putting together a year's worth of League programs is always exciting... yet chancy, too. The topic that seems so vital in July may have lost its appeal by Porn. Thus, we have made this a flexible calendar. Programs after January are not yet set.

Please note some features in our programming:

...BIG events like the member reception in September, League day at City Nall in October, League day at the legislature in February.

..."rotating programs" in the hone of saving our committees. Each unit will hear presentations from the same committees, but not necessarily in the same month.

...representation from all units on every committee (a dream), and general member attendance at all 2oard and committee meetings (we'll try to publicize these better).

Aug. 13 --Board meeting, 12 noon ---orientation for unit leaders, program chairmen

Sept. --membership reception

15--Board meeting - evening

26-29 --UNITS--UN week update; reports from Task Force, planning, transportation

Oct. --City Hall day

10 --UN open Committee meeting

20 --Board meeting, 9 a.m. 24-31—UN week

24-27----UNITS -- Con-Con

Nov. 5 --Neighborhood Bd. elections

10 --General Mts. - consensus on Energy -- evening

17 --Board meeting' - 12. noon -possiblity of go-see tour on energy at end of month

Dec. 13 --potluck luncheon with speakers outlining League concerns for upcoming legislature.

15 --Board meeting, evening

Jan. 2-5 --UNITS

9 --lobbying workshop by State

19 --Board meeting, 9 a.m.

24 --open committee meetings on budgeting & planning

Feb. --League day at the legislature

16 --Board meeting, noon

20-23 -- UNITS or general meeting

March 6-9 -- UNITS

16 --- Board meeting, evening -- possibility of go-see tour by Planning

April 10-13 ---UNITS

20 -- Board meeting, 9 am -- Annual Meeting

May 8-11 -- UNITS

10 -- Board meeting, noon

Possible meeting topics include transportation, planning, issues affecting women, shoreline protection, land use.

Things to do

Don't miss the chance for your family to visit the Energy House at the UH (at end of East West Rd.) on Sundays, 2-5 p.m. It's a self- guided tour and very interesting for all ages. Go there on your way to or from somewhere else but don't miss it It may not be open to the public after September!

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