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CZM Passes

Hawaii's Coastal Zone Management Bill (HB 122) was unanimously passed by both houses. Legislators credit passage of the bill to the efforts of citizens, and especially to the CZM Statewide Citizens Forum. The forum met almost forty times to study, advise, and rewrite the original bill and spent long hours at hearings, gave detailed testimony, and counted telephone campaigns to urge passage of the bill.

The original bill as written by Department of Planning & Economic Development (DPED) was scrapped and the draft of the final bill was put together by the Senate Committee on Economic Development and incorporated the objectives and policies as written by the committee of the Statewide Forum. Deleted from the original bill were the most controversial sections dealing with "Areas of Particular Concern" and other sections which raised the question of "home rule". The final bill requires that DPED develop guidelines in cooperation with the Counties and citizens before the 1973 legislative session, and that the Counties adjust their CZM boundaries within two years to meet Federal standards.

The addition of this bill to existing coastal regulations is an excellent beginning for an adequate coastal zone plan for Hawaii.

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