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Energy Education

Stand by world! We have already entered an Energy Transition period from which we will emerge in about about 25 years with a major source of energy other than oil. Hopefully, that new source will be renewable and non-polluting--solar, perhaps!

That's what was heard at the National Energy Conference in Washington, D.C. Carilyn Ogawa of the Hawaii Energy Office and Judy Collins, LWV, Honolulu represented Hawaii and the league.

The purpose of the conference was to educate state delegates who would return home to promote public discussion of the energy issues and dilemmas which face us all in the next several decades.

Here in Hawaii, Carilyn Ogawa and Judy Collins have already united with others in the energy education business to coordinate efforts in the public discussion area. Kick-off event on the calendar was the June 30 EPDA public meeting. Hawaii's message was a' desire to help the country by being a demonstration area for alternate energies with the thought that the Big Island might demonstrate energy self-sufficiency in the foreseeable future.

The National League seeks, an energy consensus before January, 31. We'll try to accomplish that in one meeting in November Hawaii league members are already well informed because our 1976 State Energy consensus covered so much ground... It is hoped that we all take advantage of the opportunity to share our knowledge when our friends and neighbors ask us questions.

If you would like to get in on the excitement of following this controversial topic, call Judy Collins at 422-4544 or the league office and accept an invitation to be a member of the Energy Committee.

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