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Leaguers at the IWY Conference

As an in-kind donation. Some leaguers conducted the Hawaii International Women's Year election to send delegates to Houston in November.

Due to the unexpected influx of the Women for Traditional Values. led by the Mormons, the voting increased by more than 100% of the estimated 2000. The increase caused some problems and confusion which led to some quick revision of the voting procedures. But in spite of all that the LWVs processed 4000 voters in 2 hours! But the vote counting took much longer--count was not completed until 8 p.m. It was a very long day for leaguers who were guided by Ruth Snyder in the vote counting. The voting began at 7 A.M.

LWV Hawaii is pleased to have made this in-kind contribution to IWY in support of its principles and goals.

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