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From the President

When I took the gavel at Annual Meeting in April, I was full of trepidations about the job ahead of me - and I'm still feeling my way. But with the help of an exceptional Board that is encouraging, hardworking, and tactful, I'm looking forward to an eventful year for both the League and me.

The last few months have been busy ones and the main lesson I've learned is that a woman's place (if she's a LWV) is not in the house -or the senate. It's at a meeting or on the telephone!

But it's been worthwhile because we've made plans to implement one of our goals for this year - to increase and perhaps broaden the League membership. Membership, PR, and Voters Service are working as a team with direct input from Publications and the various committees and the kick-off will be in September (with details in the next Voter).

The Task Force to reassess our City Charter position and investigate new areas of study and action is in full sail after a smooth changing of skippers. Jane Ball is off to Alaska and Nancy Guille now wears the cap. To learn how government works or doesn't work is the reason many of us joined League. It's been a fascinating study and we welcome all interested persons. We're all learning together by asking questions.

Another area of increasing community interest and League involvement is the Neighborhood Boards and the role they have in formulating recommendations concerning development plans. Since citizen participation is the very heart of LWV, we encourage all members to be actively involved in their own NBs. In November we'll also be doing the vote count for 13 new Boards.

This coming year is exciting on another level. Nationally ERA is battling for survival and locally we've launched a fund drive to help win 3 more states. Ironically we've received an unexpected boost from the conservative invasion of the IWY meeting in mid July. The backlash benefits were many calls from armchair moderates and liberals who were shaken out of their complacency by the unity and vehemence of the conservative coalition. Some joined the League and others contributed to the ERA fund!

There may be a move to pressure for recision of the amendment at the Constitutional Convention next summer and we should be prepared to respond to it. We hope our members will seriously consider running for ConCon to support ERA and other important issues. We'll keep you informed about workshops and educational programs via Aloha Voter and Leo Hana.

We hope this year's activities will have something for everyone and welcome suggestions. Call, write, or stop by the office - we might put you to work!

Helen Griffin

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