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Membership Drive

LWV Honolulu has set increasing its membership and broadening its base as one of its priorities for 1977-78. We are therefore launching a concentrated effort to achieve these goals. We are starting with a meeting on September 15 planned especially for prospective members. Marilyn Bornhorst, City Council Chairman and a league member, will speak on what government should be as opposed to what it is.

A skit dreamed up by Rhoda Miller will be performed for the edification and amusement of the prospects. Attached to this Voter, you will find a postcard invitation to this event, which we ask that you send or give to a friend or neihgbor. If you need more cards to distribute, please call Jean Ko (395-1894, Hawaii-Kai area). Dorothy Turnbull (')34-8371, Honolulu), or Fran Burgess (262-7647, Windward, or the league office.

And that's only the beginning. We conceive of this membership drive as a continuing effort during the year ahead, and hope to have some event each month for prospective and/or new members. In October, there will be a Go-See Tour of City Hall, which should be of particular interest to all. In November, we expect to have orientation coffees for new members, perhaps several in different areas of Oahu, to acquaint them with policies and procedures of LWV, and to find out opportunities for involvement.

January 1978 will find us holding one or two other gatherings, perhaps informational meetings in the downtown area and at the UH Manoa area. Febraury takes us on another Go-See Tour, this time to the Legislature. In March, if a sufficient number of new members have joined in the preceding few months, we will have more orientation coffees.

Responsibility for this ambitious program is shared by Jean Ko and Jane Crane; and they are being assisted by Fran Burgess, Dorothy Turnbull, Lee Kirby, and representatives from each unit. We are willing and eager to do all the planning for this drive, but without the cooperation of the present members the endeavor will founder. So please do your best to seek out prospect among your friends and neighbors, and members of other organizations you belong to.

And once you get them to a meeting, don't drop the ball. One of the most important elements in this type of drive is follow-up. Our unit representatives will be responsible for telephoning prospects with information, and offers of transportation and etc., but we shall depend also on every one of you to display the true ALOHA spirit and make them feel welcome at meetings. They should be made to feel that they are among friends, and not feel overwhelmed by our superior intelligence and knowledgeability

This drive will necessarily be accompanied by a vastly broadened effort in public relations. We have some innovative ideas about increasing the quality and quantity of League visibility in the community. In this also, we bespeak your help, in suggesting places where notices may be posted and organizations and individuals that should and can be contacted.


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