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Update on ERA

An excited_ and exciting group of 10 league members and one prospective member gathered on Aug. 10 for potluck at the Shoup's home in Kahaluu. After the sumptuous dinner feast it was difficult for them to turn their attention to league business., However, future potlucks were planned, programs discussed and September meetings announced.

Each member present took names of those absent, to call and remind of the next meeting. Such enthusiasm...must have been the lasagna which Craig Whitesell cooked up!


As of August 24, we have received $1100 in contributions. The $2000 that LWV Hawaii committed itself to collect must be sent to National by January. We now have the half that is scheduled for mailing in Sept.:

The price of securing and keeping equality for everyone is dear. May we remind you again that your contributions to our ERA fund may be the deciding factor in the amendment's life or death.

The 27th Amendment added to the Constitution will guarantee each woman in America equality under law. It will create a climate for a greater range of opportunities for both men and women and stop federal and state sanction of discrimination on the basis of sex.

We need ERA in the U. S. Constitution!

Your dollars could mean its being there and not being there.

* * * *

LWV ERA Publications Available

Order direct (publication #321) In Pursuit of Equal Rights: Women in the Seventies - 24pp. - $1.50 Use the order form enclosed with spring National Voter and Catalog.

Pick up from the office (Publication #272) Women in the Seventies - 8pp. 35¢

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