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Development Plans

The Next Step in Our Planning Process

In our last Voter we explained what Development Plans were. The Dept, of General Planning is charged with preparing these plans which will then be presented to the Planning Commission, City Council, and the Mayor, who will adopt them in the form of an ordinance with the required public hearings.

The Charter provides that in doing the technical studies, the Chief Planning Officer is to give the people in the affected areas a "reasonable opportunity to present facts and arguments relative to the matters under study."

To assure the required interaction between professionals and community, Oahu has been divided into 32 Neighbhohood Board Areas. In each of these areas there is a Lead Neighborhood Organization, either a NB or a "Development Plan Ad Hoc Committee." These organizations are responsible for helping to carry out the surveys and for making sure that citizens have an opportunity to be heard and kept informed.

The following questions indicate the kinds of information required from the neighborhood areas:

- What re the major problems you see in your neighborhood?

- What existing land use policies need to be changed?

- What new laws. need to be enacted?

- How do you want your neighborhood to look in the future?

- What improvements do you believe are needed for such public facilities as highways, water system, sewers, and transportation in your area?

- What specific landmarks, views, historic building, do you wish to see preserved?

Eight development plans are called for which will cover the following areas using the tentative time table presented below:

Area 1 - Sept. 1977 to Sept 1978 Primary Urban Center - Pearl City to Kahala

Area 2 - Jan. 1978 to Jan. 1979 Secondary Urban Center and Central Oahu: Ewa, Makaki, lo, Waipahu, Mililani, Wahiawa

Area 3 - May 1978 to May 1979 Aina Koa to Hawaii Kai, Waimanalo to Kaneohe Bay

Area 4 - July 1978 to July 1979 Waianae Coast, North Shore, Koolauloa

If you're wondering where the LWV comes into the picture, other than through individual members serving in a neighborhood area: League can have input directly through the Chief Planning Officer. We can serve on the Island Wide Committee which will be called upon to consider concerns of an islandwide nature. We can testify before the Planning Comm. and before the City Council when the plans and recommendations come before them for final adoption.

Never before have the people of the community had so great an opportunity to become involved in determining the future of our city and the island of Oahu.

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