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A JEWEL FOR LEAGUERS Here is an opportunity for us to put on our glasses and examine our City Council's functions and its operation.

We'll see how well the revised City Charter is working for us in the Legislative Branch.

To register, call Jenni Eckert (732-6848) by Wednesday, October 12.

(See page two.)


9:30 Welcome

9:35-9:45 "The Roles of the Legislative and Executive Branches in City Government"

9:45-10:00 "The Role of the Office of City Clerk in the Legislative Process"

10:00-10:25 "Significant Changes in the City Council since the Adoption of the Revised Charter"

10:25-11:30 PANEL DISCUSSION "How has the Office of Council Services Affected the Performance of the City Council?"

11:30-12:15 Brown Bag Lunch

12:15 Tour of City Hall

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