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Membership Survey Gets Underway!

What do you members think of the League? How effective (or ineffective) a job do you think we're doing? What would you like to see the League do?'

These and other questions will be asked to a random sampling of about 50% of our members in the next few weeks. The survey is the result of the membership pow-wow of local League and State Board leaders in February to try to determine what our current members and recent drops think of the League. Barbara Sunderland of Survey and Marketing Services has drawn up the, survey questions and members will be trained to listen to your responses.

It's hoped the results will help all Boards to plan programs and activities that interest a broad cross-section of members.

If you are called by a fellow Leaguer, your cooperation is urged. No names will be attached to the questionnaire, which will take about 10 minutes.

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