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  • Sen. Pat Saiki reports that her mail is running 5 to 1 against the ERA! We must help to turn the tide. Write to your senators and representatives. Tell them you support the ERA. Urge them to resist any efforts to rescind it. Be sure to include your address and mail to the State Capitol, 96813. DO IT TODAY''''"

  • LWV Hawaii's myth/fact brochure on ERA will be out the 1st week in Nov. It is designed to reach the 90% who think ERA is a soap or "earned-run average" and to correct the misunderstandings that have resulted in emotional and moral questions which have nothing to do with Equal Rights under the law for men and women. 10,000 will be distributed; members will get theirs through Leo Hana.

  • ERA necklaces - the 1st 50 are in and 150 more are coming soon. They really look nice. Myrne Blomquist is in charge (262-7635). Call her in the a.m., anytime after 6!

  • We still need to meet our commitment to National. The balance of our $2000 quota is due in January. HELP!

Barbara Dykes, our State ERA chairman, is heading a new group called ERA - HAWAII that supports a single issue: the Equal Rights Amendment. We have, so far, endorsements from 25 organizations which have a total membership of over 10,000 people. We are seeking other endorsements.

ERA - HAWAII is primarily educational but will also lobby at the Legislature and ConCon to thwart any rescission attempts. Anyone interested in joining, call Barbara.

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