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Neighborhood Board Report

With the formation of Neighborhood Boards, Honolulu has become a leader in community input into city government. The executive secretary of the Neighborhood Board Commission attended the National Conference on Neighborhood Councils held in Florida in May. She reports that other cities look to Honolulu for guidelines in increased neighborhood participation and input in city government.

There are 4 other Neighborhood councils established by city charters, but Honolulu has the most intricate. Honolulu has 15 NBs and the Commission has approved the formation of an additional 13. The election for members of the new Neighborhood Boards will be held Nov. 19 -- and the League will be running the elections. (Information in this Voter.)

At the hearings for the formation of the 13 new NBs, it was apparent that the existing strong community organizations were concerned about "the new kid on the block", but were quick to state they didn't oppose the Boards and would work with them to assure their success. If increased activity is any indication of success, the existing Neighborhood Boards are well on the way.

An item of interest to the League occurred at the July 19 meeting. A resolution was passed -- effective Jan. 1, 1978 -- that "candidates shall not be employees, nor hold another public office or position under the city, state or federal governments." Immediately following the vote, a resolution was passed and forwarded to City Council.

...to initiate by resolution an amendment to the present Charter which will ensure that in all future Neighborhood Board elections, any person who meets the criteria established in the official Neighborhood Plan, shall be eligible to run regardless of their status of employment....

Council Chairman Bornhorst indicated that Council Services is drafting a resolution endorsing this idea and it will be considered for adoption at a future date. Please see the May, 1977, Aloha Voter, p. 5, for more information.

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