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November Is Energy Month!
From the President (Helen Griffin)
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November is not only "Energy month", it's also Neighborhood Board Elections. Let's expend some of our personal energy and volunteer the day, the evening, or several hours on Saturday, the 19th. More information in this Voter.

Our yearly dues cannot begin to carry our expenses and vote counting has been our one means of earning money. With all the Neighborhood Boards just about organized, the jobs 'League gets will be fewer and farther between.

... Which brings up the subject of the joint fund raising cocktail party on December 9 . . . .

Our limited earnings are still insufficient to run the League, so we have planned an exciting evening at the Yokohamaā€˛ Specie Bank downtown.. It's a lovely old building that's being restored and in the process of remodeling. Pupus, entertainment, scintillating company, high spirits, and, of course, liquid spirits are on order. Meet your spouse or, friend after work at our "makamaka mixer" (that means hospitable, friendly, genial).

We'll be asking all members to buy and to help sell tickets. League has not held a fundraising even in years (in Jerry Hess' memory, she says) and we hope to meet our budget requirements with this one big party.

The joint Boards, State and Honolulu, are asking for EVERYONE's wholehearted kokua.

Helen Griffin

It was decided at the October 13 Board meeting that, hereafter, no membership cards or receipts will be mailed out to members. The cancelled checks will serve as receipts. However, new members will be given a membership card for the first year. This new policy will help eliminate some overhead expenses, channeling $$$ toward needy projects.

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