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Gleanings from National Board Report

"... This above all is true: we shall not be swept along unknowingly, by the tide of events or public opinion or the press, to join others in their operations; we will, . . . do our own thing while maintaining a cooperative stance with others who pursue the same goals ..."

... a lot of hard political judgments have to be made along the way. . One of the most difficult things the League president has to , contend with is how to address important matters on which the League has no position. I am sure you share with me the discomfort one feels about saying, 'We haven't studied these specific questions,' and remaining silent in the midst of some of the biggest current controversies. . ."

Who said that? The National President, Ruth C. Clusen said that and much more_ Come to the office and read Pub.# 166 or buy it for 50 if you want to know all about it. Some other items of interest gleaned from the National Board Report No. 5 are:

"The Panama Canal Treaties: Separating Fact from Fiction" (Pub.# 390, 20) is available and considered to be needed in the circumstances where citizen information is necessary and no League "study" has been made.

"Sharing the UN's Successes" and "Keeping the IR Momentum Going" (#129, 30 and # 130, 20) help people find out more about the UN.

"Growth and Land Use: Shaping Future Patterns" (# 204, 40) examines emerging trends in growth management and gives some examples of innovative state and local policies.

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