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Report from Vote Counts - Money, Money, Money...

Hawaii Nurses Assoc. October 26 -Six leaguers earned $163.87

Neighborhood Board Elections. November 19 - 71 Leaguers earned $999.80.

It was a fantastic volunteer effort. Thank you all for working shifts, picking up and carrying back materials, and setting up.

And then there was Clorinda Lucas, who arrived at training session with a broken arm! She had promised to take a shift, so not to be deterred she brought along her god child to help.

The "quiet" countryside in Waialua was kept hopping with over 800 voters. Pat Hutt and Jerry Hess started off at the wrong polling place, but made up for it the rest of the day.

Helen Griffin enlisted her friend to work all day for the cause. (Moral - Don't be a dear, close friend of a Leaguer. It means WORK!)

This will probably be the last effort until next May, unless we pick up a union between now and then. So, Mahalo to all of you.

Ruth Snyder,
Vote coordinator (and Superwoman)

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