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Planning Committee Report
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Task Force Recommendation for Local Government Position


Urban Design and Transit

The City Council will present a program "Urban Design and Transit for a Livable City" on Friday, February 24 from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. The conference, which features speakers from Toronto, Atlanta and Washington will be held in the Pacific Ballroom at the Ilikai Hotel.

EIS Workshops

The Marine Advisory program is holding Environmental Impact Statements workshops in the neighborhood libraries every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from Jan. 26 to Feb. 16. The purpose of the EIS workshops is to improve the understanding of how Hawaii's EIS system works and how EIS's can be better used as a planning tool.

For more information, call Ray Tabata 948-819l/8262.

FAMILY Workshops

The Jr. League in conjunction with UH is arranging a two-day workshop on "The Family in Hawaii." The LWV has been asked to moderate eight workshops on Thursday, March 30, the second day. We have many members qualified to be moderators or "facilitators." Please let Helen Griffin know if you can help. There will be more information in the coming VOTER.


We are still short on our commitment, but will do it thru necklaces. State is especially appreciative of Honolulu's efforts in this.

Budget Committee

The Board has approved the appointment of Sheldon Crane as Budget chairman and Nancy Edwards and Evelyn Oishi as off-board members of the Budget Committee.

Finance Committee

Carol Fanning has resigned from the Finance Committee in order to run for the State Senate. We wish her a good campaign.

Energy Concensus

Honolulu's Energy Concensus has been sent to National. A report on the National Energy Concensus will come out later this year in the NATIONAL VOTER.

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