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Message from the President

This month's Voter includes the proposed 1978-79 Budget and Program which tell us it's Annual Meeting time. Mary Ellen Reed is making the arrangements and will have a report for us next month but in the meantime, reserve Tuesday, April 25. Barbara Farwell, who has done a fantastic job as program chairman this year, promises a stimulating morning.

The proposed Budget speaks for itself and I hope everyone will read it before Annual Meeting. The good news is that we've reached our membership goal of 50 members this past year. The bad news is that our earned income is expected to go down and our per member payment (PMP) to National will probably go up. The proposal is to raise our PMP from $5.50 to $10 this year and $11 next. It isn't as bad as it sounds because State will no longer pledge to National and this reduces local's pledge to State.

We all understand and are appalled by spiraling costs, but as Ruth Clusen says in January's National Board Report, "as leaders we could escape our responsibility to propose a budget and PMP figures that well provide adequate income for the national operation in the 1978-80 biennium."

If anyone has comments or suggestions, do give me a ring. The convention will be in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 1-5. If you're going to be in the vicinity, you may want to attend as official observers or visitors. proposed program for the coming year also merits careful reading. The anticipated focus of the planning and transportation committees may interest some and you're welcome to join the groups. The Task on City Government which Nancy Guille chaired was really gung ho and they came up with 3 excellent recommendations for the Annual Meeting 0 consider. We're hoping the spirit of the Task Force is so infectious not only adopt the items but find chairmen as well.

A closing note: We congratulate leaguers who seek and find "gainful employment" and sincerely wish them well. A side benefit for the Board is the monthly anticipation of a new face at the next meeting. Tisha Hickson has found a job and our new co-editor is Barbara Hodges. Welcome -to the Board, Barbara. Please don't find a job.

Helen Griffin

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