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Report on February Units

The February units focused on developing awareness and skills in the area of individual and group communication. Members participated in a variety of small group activities designed to help members (1) conduct a successful interview, (2) give information in a clear, precise, manner, (3) listen with understanding and (4) write and deliver a short speech using a "given" formula with only 15 minutes of preparation time.

Members also had the opportunity to try and encapsulate the essence of League through small drawings which will be made into a collage to share with the membership.

On the whole, the communication program was well received. The speeches were the highlight of the event, at least from the coordinator's point of view. Topics varied from the factionalization of society, disarmament, transportation and traffic lights to the harmful effects of coffee and the many uses of baking soda. One member even gave a one minute speech on why she didn't give speeches. Many speeches were related to some aspect or by-product of .the educational system.

In addition to skill building, this kind of a program gives members the opportunity to share ideas and learn more about each other. It can generate enthusiasm and build members confidence in themselves and trust in others of the group, which may lead eventually to more commitment to league efforts. This activity gave evidence to support the idea that league members are a remarkably talented group of women and men.

An article on "How to write a news release," written by Jean Ko, was distributed to those present at unit meetings.

A more comprehensive report on the February units will be given to the Board of Directors, and will be available to the membership.

Fran Burgess

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