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Hawaii 2000: Standing Room Only?

So you get caught in a traffic jam every time you leave the house, you can never find a place to park in town, you're alarmed by the increase in crime, you can't sprinkle your lawn because of the water shortage, everywhere you look you see litter, your favorite once-deserted beach is crowded every weekend, noisy tour buses take shortcuts through your street...and you're wondering whatever happened to Paradise.

There are those who would say that your paradise was spoiled by growth, by a high rate of population increase, and that the worst is yet to come.

So, you ask, what can we do, if anything? Shall the state shut its doors and tell everyone Hawaii is a great place to visit but who'd want to live here? And as a matter of fact, do we want more tourists than we've already got?

Obviously, trying to control the rate of population growth presents problems. Governor Ariyoshi has called for legislation to limit the number of new residents, to make it difficult for "outsiders" to receive welfare payments or obtain employment. But many feel such measures are not only unconstitutional but inconsistent with American tradition. Further, business and labor leaders warn that a no-growth policy could lead to a stagnant economy.

Is there any way of legally controlling growth? How much control should we have? These questions of population and growth management will be addressed in our annual meeting program. We are fortunate to have Frank Skrivanek, Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Economic Development, as our speaker.

He will give us a broad overview of what we can expect if population continues to grow at its current rate, and ways in which the State plans to manage growth.

Don't miss this important program...April our annual meeting.

Tear off and mail to: Mary Ellen Reed

98-1465 Kaonohi St. Aiea, HI 96701

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