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What Do You Ask a ConCon Candidate

698 men and women have filed. They're waving their signs and knocking on your doors. In some districts 20 to 30 unknowns are vying for your two votes.

How do you choose the best candidate? Endurance under the hot sun on the highways and up and down the streets of your neighborhood is very admirable but hardly a qualification to become a delegate to review our Constitution.

What we'd like to know is what does the candidate believe the Constitution should be? Should it include more detail or remain a broad basic document? Do the candidates want to tamper with our Bill of Rights? How do they feel about the equal rights amendment that we have?

Do they believe our natural resources need constitutional protection? Do they believe our legislature needs reform? How about unicameralism? More direct citizen involvement by initiative, referendum and recall?

Do they have opinions about the distribution of power among the legislature, the governor, and the counties? Should there be a limit on government spending? Should the government provide broader services? Should government employees have the right to strike?

How about our school board? Should it be elected or appointed? Do they contemplate changes in the judiciary? How do they feel about our presently appointed attorney general and judges? What about

the office of the Lt. Governor? Should we retain it? expand it? abolish it?

These are some of the questions and there are many more. But the first one is: What do you believe our constitution should be--a broad, basic document or one with larger scope and more detail?

Review our League positions but question whether they all belong in the Constitution. State will be lobbying at ConCon. Call the office for information on our position papers.

So don't just wave back at the smiling candidate. Take the opportunity when you accept the brochure at the door. Ask, "Why are you running for ConCon?" Be informed and make your two votes meaningful.

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