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Follow-Up Report on Transportation

Predictably, member opinions on HART vary widely. There was remarkable agreement regarding our current Public transit system, however--service is uneven and should be imporved. One member suggested we get rid of diesel buses; several mentioned the need for new kinds of vehicles.

One popular topic discussion was how to reduce our dependence on the automobile. As one member put it, people feel about their cars as they do about their guns. An educational program could help change our value systems, it was suggested. Many agreed that rapid changes in values can be made if things get tough, i.e., an energy shortage.

Several provocative (and unanswered) questions arose, such as: Would subways crack the rock cap and endanger our water supply? Would rapid transit encourage a revitalized central city, or expand suburbia? What would be the effect on downtown business during :-:12s for public transit employees as a satisfactory way of- saving operating costs and finding needed jobs?

Two needs came through loud and clear: The need for a mass attitudinal change on the part of the average auto driver, and the need for improved public transportation as a viable alternative.

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