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Federal Funds Study

Interstate highways...inner city crisis...FHA loans... all-white suburbs. Are there connections here? You bet: Federal policies have had an enormous impact—intended or not--on the face of America.

At Annual Meeting we adopted a new study to investigate the impact of federal funds on the City and County of Honolulu. This will be done in several stages: background study; interviewing of City officials; reporting of findings to members. Committee members will also monitor pertinent hearings.

This will not be a rush study. We'll meet occasionally over the summer and move into high gear in the fall. Whether you have little or lots of time to work on this committee, you are needed. We will need people to summarize reports, write updates for the VOTER, develop areas of investigation--jobs that can be done at home at the member's convenience.

A short organizing meeting will be held June 1, at noon, at our office on King Street. Bring a brown bag lunch. If you'd like to join the committee but can't make this meeting, please call Barbara Farwell, 423-1631, chairperson.

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