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Message from the President...

Spending 6 days with 2000 women (and 4 male delegates) all talking about League program, policy and procedure is an incredible experience, stimulating but exhausting. Delegates began flooding Cincinnati on Sunday, April 30, from 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Our Hawaii badges continually aroused warmth and friendship. I guess that's reverse aloha. The warmth was appreciated--it was freezing in Ohio!

Jerry Hess from State, Pat Shutt from Ed Fund, Gerry Wojno from Kauai, and I spent a minimum of 8 hours every day at meetings, caucuses and program workshops. fie learned that membership is a problem down the line and that Honolulu can be proud of our 25% growth last year. Everyone, including National, has money worries and our ability to raise funds is the envy of other leagues. All agreed program was very important but the focus should be state and local. I left Cincinnati, still cold, but comforted because our problems are not unique and proud because we do some things better.

CONVENTION '78: In program, budget, bylaws and action decisions:

- adopted the proposed national program. We can look forward to a national consensus in 1979 on an urban crisis position to evaluate urban policy options with emphasis on fiscal policy.

- voted a Per Member Payment of $9 for 78-79 and $10 for 79-80.*

- changed the bylaws to institute a new national contributing membership category. Such members will pay annual dues, set by National Board, to National, and one half will be sent to the state of residence.

- reaffirmed League's ERA strategy: a flat-out ratification effort aimed at the March 22, 1979 deadline. Holding the convention in ratified Ohio instead of Illinois, as was originally planned, is a small but significant example of the enormous effort to win on the ERA.

- voted to continue the publication of the Political Accountability Ratings (Par), including percentages, as an action tool.

- voted to oppose tuition tax credits for parents sending their children to K-12 private schools.

A more complete summary of what happened will appear in your next NATIONAL VOTER.

As I said before, Convention was stimulating, exhausting and also inspiring. Honolulu seems a million miles away from the National Board in Washington even though excellent publications regularly pour into our office and we bask in the reflection of the reputation League has earned. It was exciting to feel a part of such an influential and important organization. For the first time I felt what I had been saying in talks to various groups: LWVUS is all of us; we are LWV of Honolulu, Hawaii, and the US.

* The Honolulu Board voted unanimously to pay our, budgeted $10 PMP for 78-79. 4e will send a letter with cur June payment and hope this will inspire other Leagues across the country to do likewise.

Helen Griffin

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