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Council Notes

Have you looked at your City government up close? I hadn't; at least not o'er_ an extended period of time. An occasional public hearing or a request for a particular item of information was .the extent of my previous contact with Honolulu Hale. All this changed in mid-May when I began observing meetings of the City Council for the League.

In the beginning I sometimes felt that I had come into the middle of a long running play or soap opera. Gradually, however, the plot and characters began sorting themselves out. The meetings of the full Council and .various committees are making sense to me and the language Of the bureaucracy that is our city government is becoming a part of my vocabulary.

Some of the most entertaining activity in town I've not read in the newspapers, nor seen on TV. I've witnessed it while observing a Council meeting. What I read and see in the news has a new dimension because I was there.

Are you aware:

THAT Council members have a "voluntary compulsary" nonattendance fine?

THAT Chairman Bornhorst was the first to contribute $2 to the peanut butter jar because she missed a special Council meeting in June?

THAT the City Clerk keeps the jar and the money is to be used to finance a Council Christmas party?

THAT "the brainy lady who wears tennis shoes" is Astrid Monson, and the description is Councilman Loo's?

THAT Frank Loo's favorite word is "people"? He says it more often and with more emphasis than any other word in his vocabulary.

THAT when Nancy Guille testified at a public hearing on the proposed Charter amendments, several Councilmen asked challenging questions? After the others had finished, Mr. Akahane took the opportunity to comment "I agree with you" to a grateful Nancy.

We have five Honolulu League committees concerned with the activities of our city government. Leaguers can find interesting and rewarding work. on the committees observing our City Council. Take a look at some of the areas that we are studying and acting on. JOIN A COMMITTEE; join me at Honolulu Hale, where the action is!

Nancy Guille

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