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Federal Funds and Honolulu

No labyrinth can compare to the twists and turns of money in our City system! Where does. it come from, where does it go, and who handles it in between?

Take, for example, the recent fracus over emergency funds for TheBus. Why did MTL officials wait until almost the end of the fiscal year to ask City Council for supplementary funds for salaries? And are they paying FY 1978 expenses with FY 1979 budget funds? Why were (and are) there gross miscalculations in MTL budgeting? The City Finance Director submits quarterly financial reports to Council... did MTL's financial troubles surface in these? And if so, why didn't anyone notice?

Federal funds were only peripherally involved in. the MTL situation. But there's more going on... like the warning from Rep. Cec Heftel that Congress will not tolerate what it perceives to be continued nationwide abuse of the Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA). Considering the intent of CETA, how good is Honolulu's track record?

And there are budget items that keep creeping into Council deliberations... Ho'omaluhia Park for which the Council has been asked to provide matching funds with HEW for a consultant--and the item' was presented as practically a fait accompli. Or the new bus facility. being funded 80% by the Urban Mass Transportation Administration (UMTA); there's controversy over the use of the air rights to the facility, and UMTA is pressuring the City to resolve the situation.

All of which means that one of the best shows in town is at City Hall. Wouldn't you like a ringside seat? Join the committee studying the Impact of Federal Funds on Honolulu! We're only just getting started again after a summer of virtual inactivity. Our first meeting of the fall, will be Thursday, September 7; 9:30 a.m. at the League office. If you'd like to join the committee but can't come to this meeting, please call me, Barbara Farwell, 4231681.

Barbara Farwell

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