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General Meeting: Issues or Images? How to Be an Akamai Voter
Message from the President (Helen Griffin)
Council Notes (Nancy Guille)
LWV Wins One (Astrid Monson)
Candidates Rally
Calendar 1978-79
Federal Funds and Honolulu (Barbara Farwell)
Vote Count, Hotel Workers
Quiet Summer with League at Honolulu Hale
Transportation Committee (Mildred Walston)
Grassroots Citizen Participation - Home Rule at Your Community Level (Adeline Schutz)
Honolulu League

Honolulu League

President Helen Griffin 373-1879

1st V.P. Barbara Farwell 423-1681

2nd V.P. Joyce Miller 923-4519

Secretary Martha Lister 946-3825

Treasurer Grace Bowers 373-2361


Aloha Voter Editor Jane Fullam 395-8328

Asst. Barbara Hodges 395-6425

Membership - Records Mildred Walston 941-2938

Membership - P.R. Jane Crane 734-4214 Jean Ko 395-1894

Units Coordinators Fran Burgess 262-7647 Joan White 737-4689

Publications Kay Allen 395-7761

City Coordinator Nancy Guille 422-8682

Task Force on Citizen Participation in Gov. Adeline Schutz 734-7248

Off-Board Directors

Planning Del Freyer 734-2678

Vote Count Coordinator Ruth Snyder 377-6178

Asst. Myrne Blomquist 262-7635

Transportation Opal Sloane 737-4357

City Council Carla Coray 395-3419

Unit Chairmen

Honolulu Morning Glendora Alder 923-0937

Honolulu Evening Joan White 737-4689 Tisha Hickson 941-1461

Windward Morning Helen Whorton 261-4452 Beth Weisberger 262-7117

Windward Evening Edna Shoup 239-9894 Betty Tobiason 261-9095

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