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LWV Wins One

It took nearly three years, but on July 26 the City Council finally reduced future apartment densities by passing Bill 48, overriding the mayor's veto by 8 to 1. The new Ordinance, which eliminated virtually all the floor area bonuses in the Comprehensive Zoning Code, contains the provisions called for in the Aloha Voter of December '75 (Time for Zoning Reform?) and in the League's formal position on planning and zoning. Astrid Monson and other members of the League's Planning and Zoning Committee participated in the Council's Task Force on Zoning Revision, testified at public hearings before the Planning Commission and the City Council, and lobbied vigorously for enactment of Bill 48.

Opponents of density reduction, represented primarily by the Construction Industry Legislative Organization and the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects, asked for a chance to present their objections and proposals for amendment or repeal, even though the Bill had already been enacted into law. On August 9 the Council held a public hearing to give them an opportunity to air their views. The League also testified, urging no weakening of its provisions or delay in the implementation of the Ordinance, and in addition presented three proposed amendments of our own designed to strengthen the bill's effectiveness.

The League's position and proposals were endorsed by the Outdoor Circle, the Council of Presidents, Life of the Land, and a number of local community groups. The Council's Planning and Zoning Committee is scheduled to discuss proposed amendments on September 6, to be followed by Council Action. President Griffin, in concluding her testimony at the August 9 hearing, asked that the public have the opportunity to review the amendments before any Council action.

Astrid Monson

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