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Honolulu League

Message from the President

This issue of the Voter shows only the tip of the League iceberg. We haven't room to tell you how busy the League has been this summer and will be this fall. We've been vocal and visible at City Hall, the Lt. Governor's office, at ConCon, and on the air (KHVH Viewpoint). Since this is election year, Voters Service activities are paramount and ISSUES OR IMAGES? on September 13 at McCoy Pavilion will be our kick-off program.

We have a long ballot in November with every office except the Mayor's up for election. ConCon will have Constitutional amendments and the Council will have Charter amendments, Voter education will be a priority.

Our main project for the Primary will be a Voters' Guide to the School Board, a generally neglected area in an election where the news media are focusing on the big races. Sears is contributing $2,000 toward the publication which will be in the Sunday paper on

October 1st. We're co-sponsoring a rally for the Governor-Lt. Governor candidates with KHET that same evening and units will feature candidates' meetings later in the month. We also hope to co-sponsor a meeting with AAUW on ConCon amendments and will have more on that in the next issue.

This is a good time to get your non-league friends involved. Check the Calendar and bring them along!

Helen Griffin

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