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Honolulu League

Transportation Committee

HELP WANTED: No experience necessary, just interest in becoming a member of a League committee which successfully combines serious study of a most timely subject with a generous amount of sociability; normally one afternoon meeting a month in the relaxed comfort of a member's home, were deliberations are accompanied by calories and beverages.

This most enjoyable and productive group is Honolulu League's "Transportation Study Committee". And right now we could do with some new blood--one member has departed for Scandinavia where she spends much of her time, the husband of another has been transferred to L.A., and still another to Indonesia. This leaves the committee with only three members and too many bases to cover.

In our endeavor to keep alert to worldwide developments in modern transportation (with greatest emphasis of course on our own problems here at home), we:

  1. Attend seminars featuring both local experts and visiting transportation authorities;

  2. Read and discuss published materials on the subject;

  3. Observe, monitor and/or represent League at local committee meetings, at the moment including Honolulu City Council's Select Committee on Transportation; two O.M.P.O. committees (Citizens' Advisory Committee & T.S.M. Subcommittee); and O.D.C.'s Transportation Committee. At this time we feel keenly the lack of a State legislative observer, to enable us to more closely monitor developments in the Legislature when it is in session.

  4. Finally, we attempt via information presented at League's general and unit meetings and articles published in the Voter to import at least some of our gleanings to our membership.

If this sounds like the sort of committee you would like to be a part of, won't you join us in October? The hard-working committee is taking September off (while one of our three remaining members is in Europe and another one on the mainland). We expect to hold our meetings this year on the second Monday of each month at 1 p.m.; the next one being scheduled for October 9 at the home of Opal Sloan, 1057 Noio Street in Kahala. Please call Opal at 737-4357 to check the time. We assure you of a warm welcome,

Mildred Walston

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