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More about ConCon

The Hawaii Economic Association, a professional group, in conjunction with LIT has scheduled a conference to discuss ConCon amendments that relate to economics. Participants on the panel will include William Paty, Peter Lewis, Fred Bennion, Ludwig Armading and Thomas Hitch.

We hope to present pros and cons as well as a historical perspective. A League member will moderate the question and answer period.

The economic impact of the proposed amendments should concern all of us. This is an area we have not emphasized and perhaps should. Now here is an opportunity to get answers to the questions we may have.

Friday, October 27 Sheraton Waikiki

9 a.m. Registration

9:30 a.m. Conference

12-1:30 lunch ($10 includes lunch and parking)

Pre-register by phone or mail: David Gire

c/o BOH Dept. Business Research P.O. Box 2900, Hon. 96846

Tel: 537-8260

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