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The question of fixed guideway vs buses may be undecided for some time -but, meantime, back at the committee, other matters are being looked into.

Members of the OMPO Citizen Advisory Committee had a choice of several subcommittees to serve on this past year. As a representative of the League, the TSM (Transportation Systems Management) subcommittee seemed to offer potential, and I was not disappointed.

Our subcommittee meetings, held regularly for several months now, have included:

  1. Briefings by State and City transportation staff covering the bus plan, the TSM planning process, and the various strategies of TSM---such as work-hour changes, pricing techniques to affect traffic patterns, prearranged ride-sharing, etc.

  2. Conducted field trips to see first-hand the transportation situation in the main traffic corridors.

  3. Discussion meetings to digest what we had learned.

As a result of our discussions, the Subcommittee agreed on the following recommendations to the staff for consideration in next year's bus plan:

  1. Define in minutes the requirement that buses be "on time 90% of the time". Further, "on time" should never mean ahead of schedule.

  2. Consider a study of the cost and value of providing signs with printed schedules at the bus stops.

  3. Consider more attractive bus shelters, including nonstructural shelters such as trees.

  4. Consider adding guidelines for service relating to air pollution and to noise (none now exist).

These recommendations were sent by the Subcommittee to the overall OMPO Citizen Advisory Committee which endorsed them and forwarded them to the Policy Committee of OMPO, which is composed of the heads of the Planning and Transportation departments in both the City and State.

At future meetings, the subcommittee will continue to look at various ways in which non-capital expenditures can improve transportation on Oahu.

Opal Sloane

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