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Council Notes

October has been a quiet month at the Council. They have been in recess. Council members have been campaigning, recovering from campaigning and gearing up for the final campaign. They all have been busy but not necessarily in Honolulu Hale.

As the news media has pointed out, there will be at least three new faces when the Council organizes in January, 1979. The primary election produced some surprises and the general election may hold a few more. It should be interesting watching the power ebb and flow as returnees and newcomers maneuver for positions in the new City Council.

Bill 84 is still ping-ponging around between the Planning Commission and the City Council. It has now ponged back to the Council and so far industry has scored. (Bill 84 concerns density. See your September VOTER for some background. Bill 48 became ordinance 78-73 and Bill 84 will amend that ordinance and further refine the specifications that builders must deal with. This really isn't as complicated as it sounds, or is it?)

Nancy Guille

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