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League Members Meet Legislators & Vice Versa

Now that the elections are over we have our work cut out for us. Every two years we visit the state capitol armed with five questions on targeted League positions. An interviewer and a recorder meet with each legislator to ask his or her views on our areas of concern. This is not lobbying but rather an opportunity to meet our legislators and have them meet us. However, for those who are thinking about lobbying, this is a relaxed and friendly way to develop an acquaintance with our legislators. Equally important, these visits provide valuable information for our files which will help us to work most effectively at the legislature during the next two years.

Ideally, we match up Leaguers with legislators from their district. Or we put a League volunteer who has a special area of concern with a legislator who will head up the committee in that area. Background information relating to the five questions will be provided to the interviewing team.

In addition, each team will receive a handout sheet listing League positions so that every legislator may have a copy. A brief orientation session will be given in conjunction with the Honolulu lobbying workshop on November 29 for Leaguers who would like some preparation before conducting their interviews.

This is a perfect opportunity for Leaguers who do not have a lot of time to give. Each interview can be easily finished in half an hour. The biggest job ahead of us is getting enough people to volunteer so that we may contact all our legislators. Our deadline for completion of interviews is January 15th. Whether you are new to the League or a long time member, we need your help. This one-shot task is an easy way to become involved or re-involed in an essential part of the League's work. Please call Dorothy Marsh (941-2868), Joyce Miller (923-4519) or Barbara Dykes (235-0749) for more information or to volunteer.

Barbara Dykes

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