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Task Force on Impact of Federal Funds

While tracking down what federal funds come into Honolulu, what they do, and what impact they have, the task Force will try to inform LWV members through the VOTER about its findings.

One of the categories of federal aid to cities is Community Development Bloc Grants or CDBG. The Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 contained in Title I the CDBG program, a compromise between the no strings attached policies of "general revenue sharing" and the strictly regulated "categorical grant" approach to federal aid to cities. CDBGs replace old federal urban assistance through categorical grants for Model Cities, urban renewal and Neighborhood Development, water and sewer grants, neighborhood and senior citizen centers, parks and recreational space, and code enforcement. The Block Grant system distributes federal money to cities by a formula which allows a city to know how much money it will receive for a year. The project-by-project approval system of the old categorical grants is replaced by a 75 day review of the city's list of proposed projects.

In Honolulu, the Office of Human Resources administers the CDBG program. The allotment for the fourth year of the program will be almost 820 million. How this money will be spent, and how the past allotments have been spent are of interest to the League Task Force. You will be kept informed through these columns.

Muriel Roberts

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