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Message from the President...

The colorful signs along the highways held by smiling, waving, and frequently sunburned candidates and supporters make election time unique (and sometimes dangerous to motorists) in Hawaii. We have to admire the office seeker's endurance but question the substantive value of this tradition. I saw one candidate waving at headlights at 7 p.m. on a Saturday night! Which of those many names should the voter select? and why? It was suggested at a recent LWV meeting that we also hold a sign--at the end of a long line of signs--and it should say:

? ? ? CONFUSED ? ? ?


And confusion is expected at the polls throughout Oahu on November 7. Over 40,000 voters spoiled or chose to ignore the school board ballot at the Primary and each voter was given only two ballots. We'll all be issued three ballots at the General: one for candidates, one for charter amendments, and one for constitutional amendments. We have to punch a hole for YES on the first two ballots; we punch a hole for NO on the constitutional ballot. It won't be easy for the informed voter and it'll be mighty tough for the others.

FINANCES. Our expenses have increased because of inflation and broadened activities, but so have our finance efforts. Ruth Snyder must spend all her spare time soliciting vote count jobs: We're grateful to her and the many members who have volunteered their time at the union halls and Neighborhood Board elections. Kay Allen is continuing to follow through on our letters to local businesses, an area of support we neglected for a couple of years. Beverly Endrizal is again chairing our Downtown Makamaka Mixer Event. It was a great success last year and Bev is even more enthusiastic about the plans for this year.

WE HAVE A NEW LOOK. The Voter editors and your Board hope you like it. This newsletter is our link to you, the individual members, and your support determines the League's effectiveness in the community. We feel that number one on our priority list must be an informed membership, so the additional cost of a better newsletter is worth it. But we also need two-way communication. The Aloha Voter is only one-half; your letters, phone calls, and participation in activities are the second half. We hope the NEW LOOK will inspire a NEW SPIRIT!

Helen Griffin

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