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General Meeting - Earth Resources
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1970 Mott-Smith Drive

Tuesday, December 12

9:30 Earth Resources


9:30 Coffee

10:00 Film

10:30 Presentation

11:45 Lunch

HONOLULU MORNING UNITS--Please bring finger sandwiches for 6

WINDWARD MORNING UNITS--Please bring desserts for 6

HAWAII KAI UNIT--Please bring salads for 6

Christmas Buffet


In the beginning there was sun, and it was warm. Then came the dark, and the cold winds of winter did blow. And there was fire, and it was good. It did make the caves warm and it did cook the food.

When the first primitive woman decided to improve the quality of her life by bringing fire into her cave for warmth and cooking, the search for energy began. We have gone from wood-burning, to coal, to petroleum and, now, we are turning to the sun again. As our populations have grown and our civilizations have become more complex, our energy demands have escalated. The United States is using 30 to 4O percent of the world's energy, and as other nations continue their industrial growth, their energy use will increase accordingly. Providing resources for increasingly complex and industrial civilizations is basically a problem of providing adequate quantities of energy. Can we reduce our industrial output (food productivity, transportation, communication....) without endangering the worlds populations? Can we continue to advance technologically to raise the standards of living? Can we continue to explore the universe? Will space colonies become a reality, a solution to an overused earth? Or will it all come crashing down with a world blackout?

Answers to these questions will not be provided, but other questions will be raised, and discussion should be lively. Bring your solutions and your questions to the EARTH RESOURCES WORKSHOP.

Date: Tuesday, December 12

For more information call:

Time 9:3O a.m.

Joyce Miller 923-4519

Place: home of Joyce Esposito 1970 Mott-Smith Drive

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