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Media Workshop

Working with the media is like lobbying at city hall or the legislature. Assuming the piece is factual, timely, and the copy is double spaced and neat, the ingredient spelling success is the personal contact. Media people are busy and do not necessarily communicate with one another concerning an item. Therefore, constant follow-up is necessary to insure that the news or testimony will get the attention that it so richly deserves.

Councilman Marilyn Bornhorst, in her opening remarks to the Media Workshop, points out that women frequently spend too much time talking with each other and not enough time talking with other people in the community. While the information of this workshop was directed toward specific media skills, each league member can help the public image of LWV by sharing ideas and information with others.

Radio stations have indicated in their FCC license applications that they will carry a certain amount of public service announcements (PSA) and renewal of the license is influenced by the stations demonstration of their follow-through of this promised allocation of time. Incidentally, these 15, 20 and 30 second lengths of tape are frequently placed in loose pukas falling early or late in the day.

TV also carries PSA in varying amounts of available time from as low as six minutes of TV time per broadcast day on KHET to frequent daily viewing on cable TV.

The daily press regularly allocates space for non-profit organizations through the "Pulse" at the Star-Bulletin and "The Calendar" at the Advertiser, while the weekly Sun-Press caries items for readers of a local area. News stories, however, require personal contact, energy, and some luck.

The workshop was sponsored by the Honolulu County Committee of the Status of Women and its Media Task Force at Honolulu Hale, November 18th, attended by League representatives Helen Griffin and Jean Ko as well as many representatives from other women's organizations.

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