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General Meeting - Earth Resources
Have You Heard... What the League Did on Election Day?
Update: Federal Funds Committee (Barbara Farwell)
Media Workshop
Let's Earn $ for League


WELCOME to the following new members:

Karen D'Agusto HE 95-121 Kaalolo P1 Milani 96789

Carol Tsai Chen HM 642 Ahakea St Hon 96816

Ruby Widden HM 2003 Kalia Rd 8-T Hon 96815


Rosalind Herron HM 3045 Pualei Circle #112 Hon 96815

Jean Tsuji 409 Edsam Ave Pitman, N.J. 08071

Bettye Harris WE 45-170 Ohaha P1 Kaneohe 96744

Sharon Yokote HE 1018 Lunalilo St #404 Hon 96822

Deborah Thompson P.O. Box 14 Versailles, Ohio 45380

To Leaguers running the HONOLULU MARATHON, December 10 -- Good Luck: Since time and space do not permit us to list the hearty crew, be sure to look for your friends huffing, puffing, and definitely sweating, somewhere out front:

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